Eats in Telluride: Where to eat on a ski holiday

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I may be a little biased, but very little compares to the food options available in Japan’s ski resorts. After a long day in the cold, white snow, there is little else I crave more than a wonderful meal or a glass of wine / beer.

Telluride does not have a selection of curry udon, red bean soup, or copious amounts of delicious fresh seafood, but it makes up for it in hearty food and wonderful breweries. Below are some of my favorite places from the past week!

Note: As with most ski resorts, Telluride suffers from “mountain pricing” – where prices are much higher than usual.

Telluride (December 2016)

Tip: Stay hydrated! Telluride is at a high altitude of 9000 ft / 2700 m, and therefore requires sufficient hydration. 

Brown Dog Pizza

3-1-3 Pizza from Brown Dog Pizza, 1st place in International Pizza Challenge 2013

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a simple pizza & beer to round out a tiring day. Brown Dog has some of the best pizza offerings in Telluride, on the main street of Telluride Village. Pub-styled, with bar seating and tables for larger parties.

Their largest pizza selection is Detroit-styled, a square pizza with minimal crust on the side. Made to order, pizza is served piping hot, with a generous amount of cheese and toppings. We ordered some wings to start – and consumed within 5 minutes of arrival. Delicious!

2 Siam

If anyone had told me last week that I would find the best Thai food I’ve had in North America would be in Telluride, I would have laughed really, really hard. Then I went to Siam, a 5-10 minute walk away from the exit of the Telluride Village Gondola Station. Away from the Main Street bustle, Siam is amongst residential homes on the corner of a street.

We ate the food far too quickly to take photos. In a short week, we visited twice. Some of our selections: Lettuce wraps, spring rolls, green curry, massaman curry, pad thai, pad see ew, thai garden, etc. The menu also boasts a wide selection of beers (including Asian brands), sake, and various other drinks.

Call ahead to place yourself on the priority waitlist, Siam can get busy!

Smuggler’s Brew Pub

Home to a brewery and restaurant, Smuggler’s combines a large selection of beer with American classics such as burgers, sandwiches, and meat dishes. Be forewarned: the service is terrible!

4 New Sheridan’s Pub

Open since 1895, New Sheridan’s Bar is one of the city’s oldest. Telluride itself was founded as a town in 1878. The town’s origins lie in mining, although those portions have largely been closed since. As part of the New Sheridan Hotel, the charming bar accommodates a large number of patrons in both the front bar section and the pool tables in the back.

5 Gorrono Ranch

A smokehouse halfway down the Village Express (4) lift, Gorrono Ranch has the hearty ski food one expects – burgers, chili, sandwiches. Obviously, everything is “mountain priced”, but the brisket sandwich, pulled pork, and burger are all quite delicious for a quick fix.

6 Allreds
Mostly for the view! Just off the Telluride Village gondola (which is free and operates until midnight), Allreds has an amazing view of Telluride Village. The restaurant is a bit pricier, but there is a bar area which serves lighter food and drinks. Try the crispy shishito peppers!

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