About Me

About me: How do I even start?

Current status: Funemployed!
Next trip: Beijing
Most recent trip: Hong Kong / Singapore


For three years, I worked in investment banking.
I hit my first frequent flyer status and attained hotel awards member status in the first three months. I learned how to pack a suitcase for trips in under 30 minutes. Figured out the best section of the train to get on so I could run off with the shortest distance to airport security. Was able to leave home 70 minutes before my flight and still make my flight. Got really, really good at traveling. I think at my very best, I could walk into a hotel and be instantly recognizable to the entire reception desk before I had even handed them my ID. But this isn’t going to be one of those places where I wax lyric about how I quit my job out of sheer frustration to travel.

Life as a banker was exciting! I traveled every week, met senior management of exciting businesses, and worked with very smart and passionate people. But like the reputation that proceeds it, the job also meant that I worked all the time. I want to combine the wonderful things of my former job into far less hours in the next phase of my life.

Anyways… To make a really long thought process short, I quit my job and went back to school to figure out something new. I like working in “conventional” industries, in what people consider a “real job”. I don’t plan to give that up any time soon. What I have learned, however, is that I am terrible at actually having a life outside of school or work. So this blog is my way of documenting that – my travels, my cooking, my eating, and whatever crazy projects I come up with to try and “have a life”.

Going forward:

A crazy long travel bucket list
Far too many recipes bookmarked
Very many restaurants I would like to try
Making my way through absolutely anything watch-able on Netflix and Amazon Prime
Long delayed list of books I would like to read


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